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Whether you're looking for perfect gifts for tea lovers or something special to say 'Thank You' we offer a range of beautiful themed gift boxes with personalised gift cards for every occasion.

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Choose a ready made gift from one of our Animal, Children's, Wellness or Humanitarian themes or build your own. From every sale, we'll donate 50% of all profits to charity.

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Everyone Loves A Good Cup Of Tea!

Tea has been around for thousands of years and has been treasured the world over - so much so it is one of the most popular gifts to give. Indeed in many cultures, giving fine tea is associated with giving someone a gift of good health and as such, is often thought as the ideal way to say 'thank you' or 'get well soon'. Of course, over the years, tea's appreciation has grown and it is now the second most drunk beverage in the world after water. Whilst there are thousands of different tea varieties from many tea growing regions, selecting good quality teas worthy of a place in our gift boxes had to be our number one priority.

Gifts Include Only The Best Breakfast Tea

Fortunately, as an established wholesale tea supplier, here at Jenier World Of Teas, we had quite a few teas to choose from (and some years of tea tasting) which enabled us to bring together a small collection of teas we know will be an ideal gift for a tea lover and for those who simply love a good cup of tea. As members of the Ethical Tea Partnership, we ensure that all teas are sourced through member tea estates and only choose the best teas, picked at peak season and carefully stored to retain flavour and freshness.
The most popular teas from our range are predominantly breakfast teas. No surprise there, but as we have a number of blends that could be used as a breakfast blend, we wanted to offer our best and could not think of a finer tea than the blend we created for the Balmoral Estate in 2019.
We used tea leaves from six tea growing estates to create a tea blend we know will handle any water quality, whether hard or soft and also taste great with milk or a slice of lemon.
The blend balances teas grown by the side of the Brahmaputra river in Assam, with high grown Ceylon tea leaves from Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka and the wonderful winey, fruity taste of Keemun leaves from Anhui, China. The diversity of flavour with each individual tea gives a wonderful, unique, rich and refreshing cup of tea. Best Breakfast is one of the best teas you could give anyone and can be enjoyed any time of day.
As a gift, we understand not everyone may wish to make their tea with loose leaf tea, so we've placed the blend into biodegradable and compostable pyramid tea bags for convenience without compromising on quality. Not only that, every pyramid teabag has been designed to hold enough tea to make a really great brew whether in a cup or a mug. 
As with all high-quality leaf teas, they take a little longer to infuse and so we always recommend using freshly drawn, filtered water wherever possible and letting the leaves infuse for around 3 - 7 minutes depending on personal preference. 

Caffeine Free Fruit & Herbal Tea Gifts Too

Black tea has caffeine and we understand that not everyone can enjoy tea with caffeine. So, for caffeine-free teas for our themed gift boxes, we decided to include the most popular herbal and fruit teas we supply. Technically of course they are not teas as they do not include leaves from an actual tea bush (Camellia Sinensis) but are often referred to as infusions or tisanes. However, most people refer to them as fruit or herbal teas. 
If you've never had a real fruit tea, then Real Berry is the perfect one to try. Literally packed with luxury Hibiscus, Elderberries & Dried Black Currants enhanced with natural flavours. When infused, the depth of berry taste is truly amazing and the colour is the most beautiful crimson red. A warming and comforting ' hug in a mug' kind of tea, Real Berry can be enjoyed hot or alternatively it's super tasty and refreshing as an iced tea.
For ease of use, we placed Real Berry into our biodegradable and compostable, plastic free pyramid tea bags.

How To Make Iced Tea With Real Berry Fruit Tea: It's really quite simple to make a delicious cup of iced tea. We find using a latte glass works well and the finished result looks great too. Place two pyramid teabags into a cup and pour over freshly boiled, filtered water - but only the same amount (around 250 - 300ml) of water you'd use to make a cup of hot fruit tea so by doubling up the tea, you're making a more concentrated brew. Allow the tea bags to infuse for around 6 - 8 minutes (the longer you leave them, the stronger the infusion). When infused, remove the pyramid teabags and add a little sweetener such as honey then stir until dissolved. In a latte glass, fill around two thirds with ice then pour over the infused Real Berry concentrate. Add some fruit to decorate and serve! 

A must have for most herbal enthusiasts has to be none other than Peppermint tea. But not just any Peppermint would do, only the finest Peppermint leaves taken from the 1st cut of the season where they are grown in Washington, USA. Refreshing Peppermint leaves are renowned for their relaxing, caffeine free, minty taste. Again, for convenience, we placed the leaves in pyramid tea bags but with all our packaging being compostable and biodegradable, the tea gifts have convenience, but not at the expense of the environment.

To serve, take freshly boiled filtered water and pour over the pyramid teabag and leave to infuse from between 6 - 8 minutes. As there is no caffeine in peppermint leaves, you don't need to remove the teabag from your cup or mug should you wish to infuse for longer. 

Coffee & Chocolate In A Tea Gift!!

Well as passionate as we are about tea, we also understand that there are many people who enjoy good coffee too. So we called in some help from Henry's Coffee Company who created a very special blend for us, 'Storm In A Teacup Coffee' with a tongue in cheek nod to our roots in tea. A blend of Brazil Arabica and Vietnam Robusta, the coffee is strong and great with milk or as a latte.
We've taken a lot of care with our teas and coffee to choose the perfect gifts to give so of course we would put no less effort into finding a high quality chocolate to give too.</p>
So COCO Chocolatier in Edinburgh were a perfect choice and helped us find what we believe to be one of the most 'moorish' chocolates we've ever tasted - Isle Of Skye Sea Salted, Caramel, Milk Chocolate - absolutely delicious!

Adding A Candle To Your Gift

There's something so lovely about receiving a beautiful candle as a gift, so we felt it only right to find one for our gift sets. Quality and natural materials had to be the standard so we knew the Isle Of Skye Candle Company would be a perfect choice. Made from 100% Soya wax and delicately scented with rose, bergamot and mandarin natural oils, we fell in love and named our candle 'Thinking Of You'.

Literary Gifts - Framed Tea Quote & Journal

To accompany our range of teas, we couldn't resist adding in a beautiful framed quote print from Peter Pan by Bookishly. 'Tea First' is such a beautiful gift to give anyone who loves tea and is sure to bring a smile or two. For those who enjoy writing their own words, 'Your Story' tea gift is very special using beautiful paper from the Himalayas and French hand stitching techniques used hundreds of years ago - all lovingly pulled together by Jackman's Journals in Scotland.

So Many Gifts To Choose From

We set off to create a range of unique, beautiful and quality gifts and we believe we have done this. However, whilst we have put together many gift sets for you to choose from, you also have the option to build your own. Regardless of which gift you choose; each one comes with an occasion card of your choice which you can personalise with your own message.